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NAICC $3,000 Scholarship

Check out this exciting opportunity for a deserving college student in Agriculture with a major in Crop Production or an allied subject to get a $3,000 scholarship from NAICC’s Foundation for Environmental Agriculture Education (FEAE)

 NAICC, Scholarship, Centrol, Crop Consulting, Crops, Farming, FarmThe Richard Jensen Scholarship is a tribute to one of the NAICC’s early leaders.

Completed applications are due by November 1, 2014.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Pursuing a four-year degree in a major or discipline closely aligned to crop production such as:

• Soil Sciences
• Agronomy
• Entomology
• Horticulture
• Plant Pathology
• Weed Science
• Contract Ag Research
• Or a Doctorate in Plant Medicine.

2. Completed a minimum of one year toward a four-year degree

3. Presently enrolled in the discipline of studies cited in item 1.

4. Submits a packet to the Review Board that includes:


a. Application
b. Transcripts
c. Work History
d. Reason scholarship is desired
e. Résumé
f. Proof of enrollment in college/university
5. Two letters of reference attached, or mailed separately.

The winner will be notified in late November.

The scholarship check will be awarded upon presentation of verified registration for the fall term.

For full details – http://thefeae.org/jensen-scholarship