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Want to know Centrol’s core values?

1. What are people saying?

“Crop consultants are one of the best investments a farmer can make!” – Rick Morgan, Farm Business Management Instructor, Moorhead, MN

“High yield farmers more often hire crop consultants” – The Farmer Magazine

“Invest in a crop scouting service. You get about a $5 payback for every $1 you spend on crop scouting.”- Martin Entz, Agronomist, University of Manitoba

“Most farmers receive a $2 to $5 return for every dollar they invested in a crop consultant.”- Iowa State University Survey

“In just two years, Wisconsin farmers participating in an Integrated Pest Management Project saved about $18 per acre.” – EPA, 1995

2. What are your rates?

CENTROL usually contracts with producers on a per acre basis and our fees depend on the crop and the services. We try and charge a fair amount, based upon grower needs.

We use a pricing philosophy that we call “ABCD pricing.” Rates vary depending on:

• Crop
• Location
• Acreage
• Number of fields
• Services Requested

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