Fargo Marathon Relay Runners

Last weekend, on May 9th, a few Centrol women ran in the Fargo Marathon Relay.

Great job Ashley Tollefson, Kelsey Erbes, Gail Kasowski, Michon Metzger, and Cassie Kasowski. There were a few others who also ran it, who are not pictured.

Congrats to everyone who ran it! What a great accomplishment!

Here are some pictures from the event:





Great job ladies!

Planning on running a race in the future? Check out these great apps that will help you train.

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5 Health Apps That Will Aid in Weight Loss in 2015

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Every year Centrol does a fitness program for the employees. Since it’s that time of the year (January 5th) again (and since it’s New Years) I thought I’d share with you 5 health apps that will help you in your healthy journey in 2015!

1. MyFitnessPal

An app for most smart phones. There is also a website. It is an awesome way to track your fitness journey. You can track your food and water intake. Makes it easy to see how many calories you’ve eaten. But not only that – it also allows you to keep track of your workouts and burned calories. Check it out.

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