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With CENTROL, you'll stay on the cutting edge of technology. 

Our Services

Crop Planning:

Crop planning will improve your crop practices and your profitability.

  • minimizing pest problems with crop rotations

  • placing varieties on correct fields

  • taking your soil and crop conditions into consideration before planning fertilization

Crop Records:

We maintain detailed crop records of your farming history, which help us give better recommendations.

Crop Monitoring:

Crop Monitoring Crop monitoring is the key to successful farming.

  • monitoring crops and doing farm visits—in season

  • giving recommendations to control weeds, insects, and disease

  • giving written reports of your crop recommendations

Fertility Management:

CENTROL will help you keep your farm under control with fertility management. You’ll find answers easily without digging and studying for years to figure it out. You'll see long-term yield increases for your farm and improved profit per acre.

  • using quality soil testing and analysis

  • giving efficient fertilizer recommendations

Precision Ag:

We will reduce stress, by helping you implement Precision Ag using GPS mapping.

  • using yield maps

  • creating management zones

  • variable rate seeding

  • variable rate fertilizer

  • taking your soil and crop conditions into consideration

  • VERIS mapping

  • laser and RTK topography

  • satellite imagery

  • zone sampling (from satellite imagery and topography)

  • grid sampling

Other Services:

If you have questions about any of our services, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


  • General agronomic consulting

  • Technical Service Providers (TSP) for NRCS

  • Custom Consulting

  • Variety Certification

  • NRCS: EQIP & CSP Compliance


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